The Flying Particles is a revolving member ensemble which now features a core trio of Kevin O'Neil, Russ Becker. and Robert Nasta. 



              Russ Becker                               Kevin O'Neil                                 Robert Nasta


Silent Film Project

The Silent Film Project features The Flying Particles performing live musical accompaniment to classic silent films.




 The Flying Particles - Silver Buddha

Robert Nasta - Percussion, electric viola, electric koto

Kevin O'Neil - electric guitar

Russ Becker - clarinet

Stephanie Lavon Trotter - voice, electronics





 The Flying Particles - Revolutions  

RevolutionsExcerpt_1.mp3 Revolutions_                                                

Excerpt_2.mp3 Revolutions_Excerpt_3.mp3

Robert Nasta - percussion, electric viola, melodica

Kevin O'Neil - electric guitar                 

Stephanie Lavon Trotter - voice, electronics 

The Flying Particles: Revolutions                                                                            



 The Flying Particles - Bone Sentiments

Moe_Road.mp3  Birdervish.mp3h_ BirdervisII.mp3

Robert Nasta- koto, modified koto

Kevin O'Neil- guitar

Michael Pestel- woodwinds. 

 The Flying Particles - Bone Sentiments





Stephanie Lavon Trotter       Miles Nasta            Frank Jolliffe                       Michael Pestel







The Flying Particles - Tall Tales and Love Stories

Robert Nasta- electric board-zither, tubeless trumpet, percussion, thumb piano, samples

Miles Nasta- percussion, electronics 

Max Wareham- tenor banjo, guitar, thumb piano, xun





The Flying Particles - Totems  


Robert Nasta-electric board-zither, erhu, computer manipulation

Frank Jolliffe-warr guitar

Miles Nasta-percussion, electronics

The Flying Particles- Totems