Robert Nasta - percussion, electric viola, tubeless trumpet

Stephanie Lavon Trotter - voice, electronics






Following Dream Paths: Songs On Poems by the Zen Priest Ryokan

Robert Nasta- koto, koto-guitar, vertical-guitar, percussion

Dean Mirabitio- percussion

Janet England- mezzo-soprano


Following Dream Paths



Music for Taqsim

Robert Nasta - bouzouki, flutes, guitar

PJ Sciallo - doumbeck, percussion

Tom Wetmore - bass

Not_Rast_and_Kurd.mp3    Pipe_Dream.mp3

 Robert Nasta - Music For TAQSIM






Robert Nasta- electronics, piano, found objects

Miles Nasta- percussion,electronics







Robert Nasta with Dean Mirabito

Studies for Two Musicians and Tape, Sketches for Guitar and Percussion

(out of print)







Various Compositions

(out of print)





On Heffleyrecords (www.heffleyrecords.com)

Big and Little Instruments

Mike Heffley- trombone; Royal Hartigan- percussion; Robert Nasta- found objects


Japanangka: Seed Dreaming 

Peter Hadley

Mike Heffley

Greg Acker

Rob Bethel

Robert Nasta